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Professional Experience

Web Programmer and Administrator – June 2015 – September 2015

PHP Website for the French association « Nouvelle Génération Médicale (NGM) »

Database Design, Web Service Design, Android and Web Programmer – June 2015 – Present

Logixy startup for smart logistics

University Projects

Assembly Language Development Studio – JAVA

A mini development studio used to compile and execute an assembly code and follow the execution step by step with visualizing each component in the system (registers, memory, etc.).

Mini Web Server – JAVA Socket

A multi-threaded server that replies to client requests for a HTML or PHP pages. It is limited only to documents no image contents are transferred.

Calculation Server – JAVA

A three-tier application multi-client multi-server application is implemented using collaborative computing for receiving .class files, method names and parameters from clients to perform calculations at a server and return results for the demanding client.

Network Media Sensors Simulator – JAVA

The purpose of this project is to study the behavior of a networked multimedia sensors. The objective is to model this kind of network, define protocols for the communication between its elements, and implement a simulation architecture of such a network.

Artificial Intelligence – Game Editor Tool and C language

Two games are implemented in this tool: the first is a Mario-like game with different animations and game play techniques; the second one is the famous 8 puzzle game using A* algorithm.

Genetic Algorithms – JAVA

All the functions of mutation, cross-over, parents selection, and population generation are implemented to solve the check-board puzzle

Finite Automata Parser – C Language

It is a program that is capable of parsing any finite automata and traces it, handling the input step by step whether it is NFA or DFA.

University Business Management – VB.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and ADO.NET

This is a two-tier application that allows the user to perform all the university business issues (Department Management, Course Management, Student Management, etc.)

XML Parser – C Language

The goal of this project is to encrypt a file by carrying out modifications defined by tags. The input is an XML file, and the output is newly generated one containing the processed input.

Process Priority Scheduler – C Language

The project consists of implementing a priority scheduling simulator. This program takes variable number of processes as an input (from a file or from the keyboard) with the corresponding needed information (Arrival time, Burst time, and Priority). The program’s output is a Grant Chart of a priority scheduling algorithm. The user has the choice between 5 kinds of priority scheduling algorithms:
1. Priority Scheduling without preemption.
2. Priority Scheduling with preemption.
3. Priority Scheduling with aging but without preemption.
4. Priority Scheduling with aging and preemption
5. Queue Scheduling

Encryption/Decryption Algorithms – C#.NET

The aim of this project is to implement various encryption/decryption techniques with an interface that shows each step of calculation.

University Course Scheduler – Android

This mobile application can make course scheduling very easy in any university or school. It allows users to add rooms, courses, teachers and sessions, and supports class and room view for each room or class.

Social Network Site – ASP.NET

As any social network site this site allows its users to follow others updates and posts. It has a very classy visual interface with ease of use to the users.