How to hide your folders using Windows GUIDs?

This is another folder hiding trick for Windows users.
It uses the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) to disguise any folder as a system folder.
To be clear, every windows system application is characterized by a specific GUID (check the full list from here Appending this GUID to the end of a folder name preceded by a single dot “.” will result in disguising the specified folder as the system application in addition to behaving like it as well.

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Hide Files in Images

Steganography is the science of hiding data within data. It is used to secure information from others.
The following formula provides a generic description of the steganographic process:
cover_medium + hidden_data + stego_key = stego_medium
cover_medium is the file in which we will hide the hidden_data, which may also be encrypted using the stego_key.
The resultant file is the stego_medium which has the same type of file as the cover_medium.
There are a lot of methods for this purpose and today we are going to learn one of them.

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